Choral music without boundaries
About Consort

About Consort

  • What does "post-classical" mean?
  • It's a current movement that aims to widen the impact of classical music by breaking down its restricting traditions. In our case, we want to erase perceived barriers to the choral arts — the assumption that choral music is old-fashioned, stiff, or just for the elite. We know it's not, so we want to prove it.
  • OK, so are you an a cappella or doo-wop group then?
  • No, we're a classical chamber choir. We do perform some pieces from non-classical genres, but our main repertoire is classical.
  • I heard I can use my phone during your concerts?
  • Of course you can. A Consort performance is just like any normal concert. Take video or photos, chat with your friends, read, eat and drink, and come and go as you please.
  • I don't know anything about classical music!
  • You don't have to! Just listen and enjoy. Consort performances are an opportunity to learn, too. We'll talk about the music between each song, and we encourage you to share what you hear, what you like, and even what you don't like.
  • Lots of choirs try to attract a wider audience. What makes Consort unique?
  • Most classical ensembles who are trying to expand their impact do so by performing works outside the classical sphere — film scores, Broadway tunes, and so on. Consort takes an entirely different approach: we believe it's the concert environment that needs to change, not the repertoire. Everybody loves beautiful music, but nobody likes being stared at because they didn't dress right or applauded at the wrong time. So rather than performing pop tunes in fancy concert halls, we perform motets in coffeehouses, and let our listeners be themselves.
  • Is Consort relevant to anything besides classical music?
  • Absolutely. The methods Consort is using to deconstruct problems in classical music can be applied with equal success to other fields — among them academic achievement in disadvantaged environments and generational differences in churches. Consort is not just a classical music ensemble — it's proof that helping people step through doors helps open those doors wider.
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